We promise to price your
project fairly, transparently
and competitively

We work with a highly skilled and experienced quantity surveyor to price every tender in fine detail, and we have an extensive network of trusted suppliers and tradespeople committed to minimizing costs. So when we give you a price, we know that it is both competitive and realistic. We never underprice a project in order to win a tender, only to hit the client with a list of “extras” as the build progresses. We don’t include “padding” in our pricing as insurance against the cost of materials rising during the build. And we never incur costs for changes that clients make during a build without explicitly agreeing them first.

We promise you an
exacting commitment
to quality

We employ only skilled, independent tradespeople with whom we have worked for many years, or whose previous work we have personally reviewed. We always tender every element of a project, from bricklaying to painting, to make sure costs stay competitive. But we never cut corners by employing unskilled or inexperienced staff to learn their trade at a client’s expense. We pride ourselves on the quality of finish we achieve on every build, and will go to almost any lengths to find or create the perfect detail to complete a project. You can see some examples of our passion for detail by clicking here.

We promise to do what
we say, when we say

We know how important it is for clients’ homes to be completed on time, and we work tirelessly to make sure this happens. We don’t begin work and then disappear for weeks because something else comes up. We phase taking on new projects based on our ability to give every client the personal attention needed to deliver the perfect home within the timescale we agree. As every project is unique, clients will sometimes decide to make changes to an aspect of their home when they see it taking shape. We are more than happy to be flexible in this situation, and always advise on implications for the overall timescale of the build in advance.

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